Japanese Study in Davao for Free:Let’s Study Japanese!

There are many people in Davao who want to study Japanese.

However, it costs a lot of money to attend a school to learn Japanese.

Meanwhile, Davao has a “Davao Free Japanese Language School” that teaches Japanese for free.

This time, we will introduce Davao Free Japanese Language School for people who want to study Japanese and useful information for companies looking for human resources who can speak Japanese.



What is the “Davao Free Japanese School”?

As the name suggests, Davao Free Japanese Language School is an organization that teaches Japanese for free to Filipinos who want to study Japanese in Davao in the Philippines.
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Basically, face-to-face classes are held, but now because of Corona, online classes using Messenger are being held. Registration is required, but there is no charge.

There are several schools in Davao where you can learn Japanese, but most of them are paid or have a fixed course after studying.

On the other hand, the Davao Free Japanese Language School offers Japanese language classes completely free of charge, and for passing the qualification “Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 4 (JPLT4)”, which is essential for becoming a specific technical intern trainee. Aside from free of charge, Filipinos can decide their future.

In other words, for Filipinos who want to learn Japanese, it is a positive organization.

Why is such a service possible?


What is the Davao Free Japanese School related to?

The Davao Free Japanese Language School was run by an NPO called the Japan-Philippines Volunteer Association (JPVA). In other words, it was carried out as part of volunteering. However, JPVA is not a one-way volunteer that Japan will do something to the Philippines, but an organization that values ​​mutual help, such as the Philippines may support Japan depending on the activity content.

It seems that its predecessor, JPVA, was dissolved in March 2020, but it is now run by an organization called the Japan-Philippines Mutual relationship Association (JPMRA), which inherited that intention. As you can see from the name, it is an organization whose purpose is to support and follow each other between Japan and the Philippines.

Therefore, Japanese supporters of Davao Free Japanese Language School participate as volunteers. In particular, it is an organization that is loved and supported by Japanese people who have passed the retirement age and are moving or staying for a long time.



The Features of The Davao Free Japanese Language School?

So what are the Features of the Davao Free Japanese Language School?


Get completely free Japanese Studying support

First feature is the free high-quality Japanese language classes. It seems that only the textbook fee required for study is collected, but the class itself is provided completely free of charge.

The instructor is a Filipino instructor who is fluent in Japanese, and classes are conducted in Japanese, English, and the local language, Vizaya. Since the teacher is a Filipino who studied Japanese from scratch, I can understand the feelings of Filipinos trying to start learning from scratch. Furthermore, for Filipinos who stumble, Japanese volunteers go to individual support for the first time. When you have a problem, you can ask questions during and after class, so you can devote yourself to your studies with confidence.

However, the good thing about being free is that some Davao citizens participate with half-hearted feelings. For such students, it seems that they are canceling classes depending on the number of absenteeism and the number of late arrivals, so it is important to have a strong feeling that you will definitely learn Japanese when using it. That’s right.


Thorough guidance for the shortest pass of JPLT4

There are various purposes for Filipinos to learn Japanese, but at the Davao Free Japanese Language School, classes aimed at “passing JPLT4” are held. JPLT4 is one of the qualifications required to become a specific technical intern trainee who can work in Japan. Therefore, JPLT4 focuses on the words, grammar, expressions and listening required to pass JPLT4. In addition, we are also focusing on sharing “learning methods for passing JPLT4” because it will ultimately require individual efforts.

On the other hand, speaking is not so important, so if you want to improve your conversation skills, you may need to find another method or catch Japanese volunteers and talk to them. Maybe.


Learners of all ages learn together

While many Japanese language schools focus on young Filipinos to provide learning support, the Davao Free Japanese Language School does not have an age limit. Therefore, one of the features is that there are many participants of the generation who worked in Japan as talents in the past, as well as young people who want to go to Japan and work in the future. Learners of various ages are devoting themselves to learning Japanese while encouraging each other.

In addition, it seems that there are regular social gatherings and events between students and teachers. It seems to be a very good community for Filipinos looking for fellow students.


Employment support for successful applicants

For students who have passed JPLT4, we also provide employment support to work using Japanese. We support employment in related Japanese companies and Japanese companies looking for human resources who can speak Japanese in Davao and Mindanao. In fact, some of the graduates are said to have been hired as initial members or managers at Japanese companies in Davao or in the suburbs of Davao.

Since we provide employment support in good faith, we do not always have a job after passing JPLT4, but we also provide long-term support to those who have studied hard. Not only are they learning Japanese, but they are also learning about Japanese culture and Japanese business etiquette, so many students have a good understanding of Japanese culture.

In addition, although it costs a lot to receive JPLT4, it seems that some of the tuition fees are subsidized for participants who are making continuous efforts or who are about to pass.



Achievements of collaboration with Japanese companies


In some cases, graduates of the Davao Free Japanese Language School are finding employment as employees of Japanese companies in Davao and Mindanao.

Davao is currently receiving a great deal of attention in the Philippines, and because it is the safest in the Philippines, many overseas companies are looking to expand. It is expected that the number of Japanese companies entering the market will increase in the future.

If you are looking for a Filipino person who can speak Japanese, you should consult with us once.



Start of online Japanese language school for Filipinos

The Davao Free Japanese Language School has stopped offline classes due to Corona, but it is currently preparing an online class using YouTube.

If you have a Filipino who wants to learn Japanese for free, you should consider this as well.



This time, we introduced “Davao Free Japanese Language School,” which holds a free Japanese language school in Davao.

In addition to the Davao Free Japanese Language School, JPMRA, which operates it, seems to provide support for Japanese migration and management of the Japanese community, so if you are interested, please take a look.


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